Dungeons & Dragons is basically the first role playing game ever made. It’s popularity has never dipped since its first release back in the 70s and it’s still a favourite for game players all over the world.

The beauty of D&D is that it’s basically a different game every time. The dungeon master acts as the story teller and sets the game in motion. He dictates the action and challenges you’ll face and how you can deal with them. Each person plays their own unique character with their special abilities. To succeed you’ll have to make the most of everything you have to work with.

While there is a lot of skill to the game, there is also a strong element of luck. Every time you face a challenge you’ll have to decide what to do. The roll of a die dictate whether your strategy is successful and whether your quest will succeed.

In D&D there aren’t really many pieces but dice are of crucial importance. They’ve remained important since the beginning and you’ll need to make sure you have a full set handy.

D&D Dice

D&D dice setD&D variations are released frequently and a lot of fan designed versions are proving very popular. While the game changes the fact that you need dice doesn’t change. When you buy the game you’ll be provided with a standard set of dice these include:

  • D4Thе Cаltrор is the 4 sided Dice. It will alway lаndѕ wіth thе роіnt face uр and has numbers 1 to 4 on it.
  • D6 – Everyone is familiar with this one, it’s used in almost every standard game and has the numbers 1-6 on it.
  • D8 – The 8 sided dice is important for many different strategies and comes into play at different parts of the game.
  • D10 – A dice with 10 sides which is used a lot in the game. It’s also used in combination with other dice to decide other factors in the game. There is also a special variation of this dice included in the pack known as percentile dice.
  • D12 – The 12 sided dice isn’t used as often in Dungeons and Dragons but is used in some situations. It’s essential for a few strategies and it’s also used in other RPGs.
  • D20 – The 20 sided dice is the signature piece of the D&D set. It’s used most often during gameplay and will determine attacks used by players. It will have a significant impact on the strategies used.

The strategies you and your party decide to use will rely on different dice. As you become more familiar with the rules and specifics of the game you’ll learn which dice are your allies and which can betray you. It’s essential to use all of the different dice when you play.

Unique D&D Dice Sets

You can now get your whole group kitted out with special dice sets. There are a number of beautiful dice sets for D&D which have been crafted with specific artwork. Inspired by designs all over the world the dice sets vary massively, allowing you to choose one with fits with your personality.

Dungeons and Dragons is all about making your character personal to you and kitting your hero out. It’s time to get your hands on the best D&D dice online here.